How do we fill the rabbits food and water?
- To open the rabbit hutch, unlatch all 3 black bungee cords.
- To keep the top open, attach the bungee cord on the right to the fence.
-  To feed the rabbits, fill up their black pan with rabbit food pellets. We keep them sealed in a plastic bin in the small garden shed under the trees. NOTE: The shed door is not locked even though the lock is still on it. Just slide the doors open. 
- To fill the rabbits' water, fill up the small bowl with water from the hose or a sink inside. In the winter months, we do not use the drip bottle because it freezes all the time.

How do I scoop up rabbit manure?
Get the flat shovel from the small garden shed, open the rabbit cage scoop out as much rabbit manure as you can easily. Then carry to the bed specified in your daily task instructions and spread a light layer across the dirt or under/around the plants. Avoid getting on any lettuce greens or around radishes.