We're a filing service for the DMV, designed to save you time and sanity.

We have found the most avoided, most dreaded, and (often) longest line in Birmingham, and every morning, our team is helping Birmingham’s brightest and busiest fulfill their obligations to their careers and to the cars that get them there.

Our same-day service is $150. We can register a new car or boat, renew an expired tag, purchase a custom tag, or get a replacement title. 

Plus, we'll give you a Seeds Coffee locally-roasted, hand-crafted coffee, fo freezies!



  1. Book a morning appointment using our fancy form.

  2. Meet us at our new office next-door to Seeds Coffee.

  3. Get a free coffee from Seeds.

  4. Boast to your friends while we face-off with the DMV.

  5.  Pick up your new tag back at our office after 3:00p.



Documents to bring

Registering a new vehicle
+ bill of sale
+ title
+ proof of insurance
+ drivers license
+ check

Registering a new boat
+ bill of sale
+ drivers license
+ check

Renewing a vehicle registration
+ previous registration
+ proof of insurance
+ drivers license
+ check



Where is your office?
174 Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham, AL 35209
(In the Hub co-working space next door to Seeds Coffee Co.)


How much is this service shindig?
$150. This includes our full filing service, completed same day.

What appointment times do you offer?
7:00a - 9:00a weekdays.

How long will my appointment last?
10 minutes

Do I really get a free coffee?
Yep, a drink of your choice from the amazing Seeds Coffee Co, right next-door to our office! Personally, we recommend the pour-overs with no room for cream or sugar, but that's just the inner hipster. Whatever you crave, we'll place your order when you arrive, and it will be ready right when you finish!

When do I get my filing back?
We file every document same day. Once your documents have been filed with the DMV, we will notify you they're ready. You can pick them up anytime 3:00p - 6:00p.

What if I don't have time to come back and pick them up after work?
We can deliver your filing to your office. Rates vary, depending on how much we like your office building. (Actually, it's based on mileage.)

Can I book an appointment for today?
All appointments must be made by 6p the previous day. This gives our filers time to complete their ninja training. 

I have multiple vehicles, a boat, and a chicken trailer to register. Can I get some sort of discount?
Absolutely! For multiple filings under the same name we charge $150, plus $40 for each additional filing.

Can you register my car if it's listed under two names?
Yes, but both people need to come to the morning appointment. We'll give you both a free coffee!

If someone tries to pretend to be me and get my documents at the end of the day, can you stop them?
Our filers have received special training in imposter detection, and the imposter will be smelted.

If I authorize someone else to pick up my completed documents, will they be smelted?
You can sign a form authorizing someone else to pick up your completed documents at the end of the day. Just let us know at your appointment. Otherwise.. 

Do you still wait in line around town?
We are always open to helping you avoid any line, so contact us with your line-standing needs!


We started Don't Wait Bham in 2013 during the height of the downtown DMV lines. Facilities around the city had shut down as the county declared bankruptcy. We carved ways for professionals to book our line standers at a rate way below the loss they would have missed out on if they had to take a day off work, saving hundreds of hours and quite a few dollars. 

We waited in the snow, in countless rain storms, in the cold, and in the dreaded pre-dawn hours. We brought coffee to the line. We brought chairs to share. We made it into as much a party as we could.

As the seasons have come and gone, we've worked on making your morning as efficient as it can be, and thanks to Seeds Coffee we've added a few perks along the way.

We appreciate all the support over the years, and we are excited to help Birmingham take back their mornings!

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