2 paragraphs on Pasagardea

Pasagardea was an ancient garden in Persia. It is one of the oldest ones we know existed. It was in the middle of the desert, but it boasted huge, cool pools surrounded by orchards and plants from around the known world. 

Plants are just as important to us today as then, but our perspectives have changed over the last 75 years as automation has taken most humans away from the garden. Pasagardea is my artist exploration of where humans and plants are going, and how we can use new automation and design to get closer to the plants we depend on.


5 lines on Me, David bley

I am a photographer and gardener. 

I like to think a new idea every day.

I'm silly, and sillier everyday because of my fiancee, Beth Rhodes (who is super silly)

I love helping artists be able to do what they love to do.

I love adventures.